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You are most welcome to the website of the Satkania Govt. College. It is the most glorious College in the South Chittagong Which has been spreading the light of knowledge since its inception in 1949. The College began its innings with the opening of H.S.C and Degree. It launched Hon’s in the Subjects such as Mathematics, Political Science, History, Accounting and Management under the National University in 2012. The college Authority has been trying hard to launch Hon’s Courses in different Subject like English and Islamic History.

The College has been playing a pioneer role in disseminating the light of Knowledge since its inception. The prodigious teachers of this college have been working hard to inspire students to achieve good result and to enrich the academic environment. The college has recently introduced multimedia based projector in side the class room to draw the attention of the students.

The College authority along with the active participation of the teachers has been tirelessly working hard to improve the environment of the college introducing vigilance team, Uniform , Academic Calendar . Identity Card and Counselling Team.

To   materialize the cream of Digital Bangladesh , the College authority has opened a web site giving all the related information and data  so that every one can keep in close touch with the latest information.

I wish a Successful innings of the College Website and offer cordial thanks to all concerned for their precious and cordial cooperation.          




                       (Proffesor Mohammad sanaullah)


    Satkania govt. college, Chittagong


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